Why Fish Tank Water is Cloudy? Causes and Fix!

It’s clear that everyone wants clear water in the aquarium. But even the most experienced aquarists have different shifts in the aquarium, in which it becomes cloudy.

What needs to be done to make the water transparent we will figure it out below.

How To Clean Cloudy Aquarium Water?

In order to purify the cloudy water in the aquarium, you first need to determine the reasons why it became cloudy.

The reasons

  • Mechanical pollution: Usually occurs due to unwashed soil, snags (most often gives the water a yellowish color), or decor.
  • Biological pollution: Usually when the balance of various bacteria is imbalanced (for example, after overfeeding you didn’t remove remnants, etc or an algae outbreak)
  • Chemical pollution: Most often it happens when poor-quality tap water gets into the aquarium.

There is a way to fight for every reason.

Mechanical Pollution

The surest way to remove the cloudiness from the aquarium with mechanical pollution is to remove the decorative element that makes the water cloudy and change the water.

If this is soil, then it must be poured into a bucket and rinsed thoroughly under running water, after which it will be possible to pour it back into the aquarium.

If this is driftwood, then it should be soaked and boiled for several hours. But that won’t always work, as there are a number of tree species that will color the water anyway.

If the scenery is the reason, then everything is purely individual. Sometimes it is easier to replace it with a different decor.

Biological Pollution

In the case of biological contamination, it is best to use either a sterilizer or special aquarium chemicals.

It is best to turn off the sterilizer after the haze is gone. Also, try to understand the reason why the turbidity has arisen.

This will give you a little better understanding of your tank and prevent cloudy water next time.

Chemical Pollution

In the case of chemical pollution, the most reliable option would be to replace part of the water with another high quality and clean water. It can be water from another aquarium and maybe settled water.

If the water is not from another aquarium, then it is better to make changes in small portions within 2-3 days. This is done so that the fish do not experience stress when the composition of the water changes.

There are a lot of remedies for muddy water. But first you need to correctly determine the cause of the turbidity.

If the turbidity is caused by algae, then it is better to take something not from the muddy water, but from the algae. As a rule, such preparations are based on glutaraldehyde, also known as sidex.

If the dregs come from the soil or decor, then only substitutions will save.