Why Do Betta Fish Jumps Out Of Aquarium?

Betta Fish are very popular fish and for many, the aquarium experience starts with them. What if you bring home a betta fish and one day the fish jumps out of the aquarium? What would you do?

Today in our article, We will discuss possible reasons why bettas jump out of the tank and what to do to prevent this.

Betta fish can live in fairly small volume tanks and they prefer to live alone but sometimes it happens that fish will jump out of the tank and die.

betta fish

Reasons Why Bettas Jump Out of Their Tank

Let’s take a look at the main reasons why a betta fish jumps out.

  • Unsuitable water parameters.
  • A small volume of the aquarium and the fish have nowhere to accelerate
  • If there are other inhabitants in the aquarium, they could scare the betta
  • Stress or panic
  • The betta got into a new aquarium and is not yet used to the conditions
  • Diseases caused by parasites. The betta tried to scratch himself and quickly accelerated.
  • Spoiled aquarium water due to rare water changes

In order to prevent the betta from jumping out, cover the aquarium with a lid or cover glass, and avoid the reasons described above.

What To Do If The Betta Jumps Out Of The Aquarium

If you find your Betta fish still alive while it is out of the tank, then he can still be saved. To do this, take a soft cloth, moisten it in water, take the betta and lower it into the aquarium.

Next, you need to observe the behavior of your fish. When you release your fish back in the tank, The betta will be under stress, but after a couple of hours, everything should be back to normal.

Unfortunately, more often than not, the betta has time to die by the time it is discovered. Nothing can be done about this. You can only analyze the reasons and prevent the error next time.

What Other Things You Can Do?

Make sure your betta has enough space to swim, hide, and play. Keep the water clean and cover your tank with a lid so that the fish can not jump out again.

Why Does Betta Not Eat And Spit Out Food?

If you observe your Betta, you will notice that sometimes the fish does not eat, and sometimes eats, but spits out food. Why is this happening? The answer is quite simple.

Nutritional problems in bettas happen very often in a new aquarium or in the first days after housewarming.

There can be two reasons:

The first reason is that the previous owner’s betta ate different food and they were not used to the new food. There are two exits.

Find out from the seller what he fed and switch to the same feed, or do not stop and feed what you have. Only the remnants of what the betta did not eat have to be removed.

After 3-5 days, the betta will start eating your food.

The second reason is feeding with poor quality food. Usually, these are dry food of domestic production or dry daphnia, Gammarus.

You need to get rid of such food. You need to feed either bloodworms or branded German food.