Uaru Cichlid – Care, Habitat, Feeding and Details!

Uaru Cichlid is one of the jewels you can keep in your aquarium.  This unique fish is found in the rough waters of the Amazon. Aquarists started breeding Uaru Cichlid at home, although for this it is necessary to choose a fairly large aquarium since the fish grows too large in sizes.

Quick Stats

Scientific Name: Uaru
Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Color Form: Black, Green, Tan, White
Diet: Omnivore
Water Conditions: 75-83° F, KH 2-5, pH 5.0-7.0
Max. Size: 10″
Origin: Farm Raised, USA
Family: Cichlidae
Minimum Tank Size: 70 gallons

Uaru Cichlid Appearance

Uaru Cichlid has a large head with deep-set eyes of bright yellow color, Black spots around their stomach area with a large mouth and huge lips.

The body has an oval shape, slightly elongated and flattened on the sides, with a slight narrowing in the tail. The fins are quite long, transparent, and with prickly spikes.

Adults are mainly colored in brown, although some representatives may have a beautiful blue color, on which there are white blotches.

There are also specimens with green-beige scales, as well as dark reddish, the color of which resembles a dashed line.

Individuals who have reached puberty have a fatty seal, which is located near the throat. These aquarium inhabitants can be recognized by unusual spots or lines, two of which are located near the eyes, one each in the lower and tail parts.

Young representatives of this family are covered with numerous spots of brown color, which allows them to move freely in the aquarium, without fear of other neighbors, including predators.

Gender Difference

As for gender differences, they are very weakly expressed. Uaru Cichlids’ gender can be distinguished during spawning, when a seed canal forms in the male, which usually has a curved shape.

The female can be identified by a pear-shaped ovipositor.

Uaru Cichlid, like many other cichlids, does not really like the aquarium. The fact is that they prefer to move in a group, and in the home tank, this is extremely difficult, because four medium-sized fish need to be provided with a capacity of at least 500 liters.

Uaru Cichlid Aquarium Requirements

Uaru Cichlid is a prominent representative of the cichlid family and such fish usually go in large groups. That is why they must be kept in pairs.

Aquariums are better to choose volumetrically so that these aquatic inhabitants can freely swim in them. Only under such conditions will they develop and multiply normally.

In the aquarium they must be provided with the following:

  • aquarium water must be clean and soft;
  • it is necessary to maintain the temperature of the water within + 25-30 ° C;
  • the hydrogen indicator should vary from 6 to 7.5;
  • a powerful filter must be installed in the aquarium;
  • you need to periodically loosen the soil and add fresh water. Cichlids love this very much;
  • the aquarium bottom should be covered with fine pebbles and sand, then the fish will happily swarm in it;
  • stones, driftwood, ceramic fragments are also laid in the aquarium – this will provide shelter for the fish;
  • Uaru Cichlid loves plant foods, so you can plant aquatic plants in the aquarium with hard leaves and stems, which he will eat with pleasure.

If you create all of these conditions, the fish will feel like in their natural environment. Such an atmosphere will allow Uaru Cichlids to live for more than ten years and regularly bringing healthy offspring.

In addition, it is necessary to provide aquarium pets with proper nutrition, which periodically needs to be supplemented with vitamin supplements.

Uaru Cichlid Feeding

Uaru cichlids can take both plant food as well as live food in the form of all kinds, and insects are their fav food.

Nevertheless, in an aquarium environment, it is preferable to feed them with plant-based feed, but feed them with protein products every 7-10 days.

Plant feeds can include:

  • cabbage;
  • lettuce leaves;
  • finely chopped zucchini;
  • dandelion flowers;
  • slices of fresh cucumbers.

Before feeding, you need to process green vegetables in boiling water. This will destroy the microbes and bacteria that are present on them, and also make them softer.

Feeding the fish must be done twice a day, but make sure that the feed does not remain in the water, since it can rot, and this will lead to the development of bacteria.

As protein food you can give them bloodworms, fresh shrimp meat can be given. In addition, fish need spirulina algae. To do this, they can be planted in the aquarium or purchased in the form of special bait.

The combination of protein and vegetable foods is considered optimal, although such aquatic inhabitants may well live, eating exclusively protein foods.

For normal development in aquarium conditions, it is better to balance the diet, because future reproduction depends on this.

Only the right feeding, clean water, and the required temperature will allow the fish to produce offspring.

Uaru Cichlid Tank Mates

Uaru cichlid is not considered a social fish but aquarists have seen no issues in keeping them with South American and Central American cichlids. Make sure you have a big volume aquarium to keep tank mates as Uaru cichlids prefer to live in groups and they themselves need a minimum of 500 Liter water if you keep 2 pairs.

Suitable tank mates for Uaru Cichlids are Angelfish, Blue Acara, Discus FishRam cichlid, Rummy nose tetra, Oscar Fish, Ghost Knife Fish, Clown loach, Green Terror, etc.


When breeding the uara, it is often difficult to colonize individuals of the opposite sex. It is extremely difficult to do this since it is almost impossible to determine the sex of the fish.

That is why experienced breeders are advised to keep several cichlids in the aquarium at once.

In addition, it is necessary to create good conditions for reproduction:

  1. It is necessary to increase the water temperature to +32 ° C – these are the conditions that are suitable for comfortable spawning, as well as good development of fry.
  2. You must first prepare the aquarium and provide the fish with special shelter. To do this, you can use various pebbles, twigs, and driftwood.

    Before spawning, the female takes refuge in a dark place and does not leave it until the fry appear. uaru fish lays eggs on the surface of stones or algae, while it immediately eats all unfertilized specimens.

On average, a female is able to produce about 400 eggs, which hatch already on the second day. Moreover, they immediately gather in packs.

You do not need to feed the fry, for the first time they feed on their own mucus, which their parents secreted.

The fry grow fast enough. You can feed them after 5 days. Cyclops or Artemia larvae are perfect for this. When the fry reaches two weeks of age, plant foods can be included in their diet.

Breeding representatives of cichlids is not an easy task. To get the desired offspring, you have to work hard. That is why it is necessary to follow all the recommendations and strictly monitor the temperature of the water in which the female, planted for breeding, is located.

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