Can Angelfish Live Together With a Goldfish? Lets Discuss!

Angelfish and goldfish are both beautiful and popular freshwater fish, and many hobbyists would like to have both in the same tank. But can goldfish and angelfish be kept together? 

The answer is NO. Unfortunately, these fish have different needs and are not recommended for joint keeping.

Aquarium Temperature

Goldfish is a representative of cold-water fish (after all, it descended from crucian carp) and prefers water temperatures between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius, while angelfish are tropical fish, the content of which starts at 24 degrees.

This is already sufficient reason to keep the fish separately because keeping fish in conditions of “uncomfortable” leads to the weakening of fish immunity, disease, and death.


Goldfish are generally peaceful creatures and can live with most other peaceful fish. The angelfish get along well with other types of angelfish but tend to be aggressive with peaceful fish.

They will likely hunt goldfish and certainly their fins. Thus, even if the temperature of the content of these species coincided, it would not have been possible to keep them together – the angelfish would offend goldfish.

Aquarium Size

Many aquarists keep goldfish or angelfish in small aquariums, but small volumes can limit growth and lead to health problems.

Both types of fish require ample space. Angelfish require at least 12 liters of water per fish, while goldfish need 15 to 30 liters of water per fish.

An adult and large goldfish will need 50 to 100 liters per fish.


The diet of angelfish and goldfish is quite similar. Both species are omnivorous, but angels require more protein.

Bloodworms, brine shrimp are excellent food products for these fish species. But goldfish need to be fed with plant food because it is still a herbivorous species of fish.

Will Angelfish Kill Goldfish In the Same Tank?

Angelfish are cichlids and you must remember a predator will always remain a predator. Goldfish are slow and peace-loving fish and angels come from the family of predators. The angels are swift swimmers and they may start nipping the fins of your angelfish.

Whenever you buy a new fish, Make sure you check their compatibility with your existing fish or take help from the pet store as you may be just bringing a toy for your existing fish.