Betta Fish Tank Mates – 5 Good And 5 Bad Betta Fish Tank Mates

Betta Fish Tank Mates – Betta Fish is considered one of the most popular aquarium fish. Owners of aquariums are attracted by their bright colors, which can vary depending on the situation.

But before you get these fantastic creatures, you should find out which fish can live with a betta fish, and which ones cannot get along with aggressive inhabitants of the aquarium.

betta fish

General Info About Betta Fish

To better understand the features of these fish, you should get to know them better and find out some interesting facts. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish females Betta from Male betta fish.

The difference is significant.

Females have a less bright color, and their fins are small in comparison with the vast and magnificent tails of males. On the other hand, the male betta fish body is thicker and shorter.

Scientists have repeatedly tried to develop a unique species of females, which will not be inferior in its beauty and color to betta males.

Particular successes in this direction have been achieved, but the desired result has not been achieved.

General Characteristic of All Betta Fish is as Follows:

  1. The size of the fish is small and reaches 5 cm in males and 4 cm in females.
  2. The incredible number of possible colors adequately compensates for the small size. Betta fishes can be yellow, orange, green, or blue. Shades vary.
  3. Before the fight, males can change color; in most cases, it becomes brighter, acquires new shades. Similar changes occur before breeding.
  4. Across the body, different strips are evenly spaced across the surface of the fish. All fins have a rounded shape, only on the breast, they are equipped with a sharper end. The lower fin is the largest, and it stretches from the tail to the chin.
  5. Unique ability is the ability of individuals to breathe atmospheric air. For this reason, it is imperative to monitor the cleanliness of the aquarium and ensure the flow of clean air to the water.
  6. Bettas are excellent jumpers, so when you settle in the aquarium, you should pull on a particular net that will return the fish to the water. Otherwise, the inhabitant of the aquarium may die.
  7. Fish poorly control the maturation process, so after feeding, it is worth removing the remnants of food.

All these factors affect the behavior of males and females and their attitude to other fish, so it is critical to comply with the recommended conditions for keeping the inhabitants of the aquarium.

An important factor is the temperature, at a comfortable temperature range sufficiently wide and is in the range between 18 to 26

Perfect Betta Fish Tank Mates

Even if you provide an ideal and suitable living conditions, aggressive fish will not be able to get along with any kind of fish.

It is strictly forbidden to place two betta fishes in the same aquarium since the fights between them will occur until one of the fish dies.

The list of compatible Betta Fish tank mates is as follows:

  1. Angelfish: Angelfish are considered to be one of the few varieties of aquarium fish that can coexist with bettas. An important condition for a conflict-free existence is the presence of a spacious aquarium and numerous vegetation.
  2. Gourami Fish: Gourami Fish is another species that can coexist within the aquarium with betta fish. These Individuals breathe atmospheric air through their gills, and they behave very calmly. For a healthy relationship between the fish, you need a large aquarium with a volume of at least 70 liters.
  3. Molly Fish: These fishes have a very calm disposition and a dull color. Such natural features make the fish excellent tank mates for bettas, as betta individuals simply do not notice inconspicuous neighbors.
  4. Corydoras: are the kind with which the Betta gets along without nuances. Such fish are considered excellent cleaners; they pick up the remains of granules and do not allow water to become contaminated quickly.
  5. Tetra Fish: Tetra fishes are small and mostly stay in schools with other tetra fishes. They are fast swimmers and good in hiding in an aquarium.

You can put a new tank mate in your Betta fish aquarium and watch the actions of both the fishes.

If the betta fish immediately shows aggression, then the two inhabitants of the aquarium will not get along in the future.

Complete Incompatibility with Betta Fish

When choosing tank mates for the fastidious inhabitant of an aquarium, it is worth considering the list of fish and other inhabitants of the aquarium which are not compatible with betta fishes.

The list can be supplemented with the following types:

  1. Snails: The only exception is large species, in which a small fish is not capable of causing harm. Small snails are a favorite betta fish delicacy, so they will not live long in the aquarium.
  2. Loaches: If one betta is added to a large flock, then nothing critical will happen. The predator will stay away. But in the absence of numerical superiority, the Betta will destroy the loaches!
  3. Barbs: These fishes can not get along will with betta fishes.
  4. Cichlids: Betta and cichlids both are of aggressive temperament and when both the species get face to face, The battle will happen! It is advised not to keep cichlids with betta fish
  5. Goldfish: Goldfishes are calm and slow swimmers and on the other hand bettas can swim fast depending on the situation. Goldfish won’t be able to defend themselves and eventually die in the fight with a betta.