Aquarium Heater Guide: All you need to know about Aquatic Heaters

All of you love keeping pets at home. Among fish keepers, Fishtank is the most debatable & Hot Topic. Any Fish Hobbyist needs to set up their fish tank properly according to a suitable environment for lovely fish.

Many of you already know about almost every aquarium accessory but today’s Discussion Topic is Aquarium Heater. Read more here on MrFishKeeper about The Best Aquarium heaters Reviews & Buying Guide. I will try to cover almost each and everything about it and frequently asked questions to according my 8-year experience in fish hobby.

Let’s Begin.

What is Aquarium Heater and why you need it?

Your fishes are unable to maintain their body temperature and adjust them according to their environment. So you need to maintain the fish tank heat artificially using devices that are known as aquarium heaters. It is must-have an electric device in your fish aquarium not in case of Coldwater fishes.

How to know is your heater is working or not?

Instead of manual aquatic heaters, almost every heater heats up your water automatically. They have temperature sensors in them that can sense heat in the water and stuff off accordingly. Are you have any doubt that your heater is not working well? Then you can also have a look at your heater. Many heaters have an LED indicator to tell you they are in on state or off. Others may have separate LED screens to show you the fish tank heater right on that moment. So you can easily access if your heater is working well.

Heater Disorder: How to save your Fish from Cooking?

Any of you ever imagine that one day you come back to your home. Got all fish cooked in boiling aquarium water. Really it will be very sad news for you.

All fish parents keep their fish very deep love, affection and care. They want them alive as a life partner and spend spare time to look after them. Now what to do to be on the safe side?

First thing you need to care about is always buying a well-known product. Brands maintain product quality and make their working perfect. Invest one time for quality product and have a secure fish keeping.

On the other hand to secure your fish tank up to 101%. You can install an aquarium heater controller that will control your aquatic heater by itself. It will shut off your heater in case of any buy or disorder. You can also buy a digital aquarium heater controller. You can see heater working status on the screen and now you have safe fish keeping.

What kind of heater do you need for your fish tank?

There are many kinds of heater you can choose from. It depends on your needs like your tank size, environment and working criteria of your heater. Let’s have a look at every type to choose one for you.

Kinds of aquarium heaters and where to place them?

There are many types of heaters that you can choose from. I am going to explore here all types one by one.

Submersible heaters: As the name show that these heaters are submerged into your fish tank water.

In-filter heater: They are present inside your fish filter. They work with your tank filter.

Inline heater: They are set inside your sump or the filter to heat up your fish tank to a fair degree heat.

Filter heater: These are inbuilt in the filter. They work very well. You don’t need to buy a separate tank heater to heat up your fish tank.

There are more types of heaters but the well-known I have done above.

Working Mechanism of Aquarium Heaters:

When you install your desired heater in your fish tank. First of all your tank must be filled with the water. Your heater must be connected to the electric wire. Heaters have to build thermostat that will automatically sense your water heater. Then Sensor turns your heater on. When the temperature reaches its set position then the heater turned off.

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Top Brand Heater Picks:

  • Tetra HT – Cheap and Reliable Popular & Best Submersible Heater
  • Fluval E Electronic Heater – Durable & Features Enrich
  • Eheim Jager Heater – Most Popular & Durable
  • Aqueon Pro Heater – For Safety Conscious People
  • Penn Plax fish tank heater– Heavy-duty Shock Resistant Glass
  • Aqua Top Quartz Heater– Genuine & Affordable
  • Marine Land Heater – Ideal & Precise Heating
  • Hydor In-Line External Heater – Best New Technology
  • Hygger Titanium – With digital thermostat and thermometer Free
  • Finnex Deluxe heater – Quite Pocket & Budget Friendly
  • Catalina RF-1000T – Best For Large Aquariums with 1000watts- Trickily to handle
  • JBJ True aquarium heater – Amazing But Expensive

These are top picks you can choose from but Fluval heater is my best one. After that Aqueon and for cheap I go with tetra ht heater.


For tropical, freshwater and saltwater fishes, the aquarium heater is must necessary thing to have a happy fish keeping there are some great picks available in the market you can choose from. You can buy in budget and pocket-friendly heater for better working. Have a happy fish keeping. If you have some questions feel free to ask in comments below.