5 Benefits of Fish Keeping At Home & Its Brings Wealth Too!

Watching the fish in the aquarium swimming around, I unconsciously relax and relax. This is why some hospitals and nursing homes put fish tanks.

According to a study by the National Marine Aquarium in the United Kingdom, Watching a fish tank for 10 minutes can help you in relieving pain, increase your heart rate, etc.

Watching these beautiful fishes swimming around can help relieve pain, increase heart rate, and reduce hypertension (Hypertension).

Here are 5 health benefits of fish keeping:

1. Fishkeeping can calm down, reduce blood pressure and reduce anxiety

The flowing water has the effect of calming the mood, just like watching the sea or listening to the sound of the waterfall.

The fish tank can be said to be a mini-painted version of the sea. You can buy the fish you like and decorate it with stones, water plants, etc. In the small ocean world, just watching the fish swim in it, the pressure accumulated in a day seems to disappear.

Watching for 5 minutes will have a hypnotic effect, which can help relieve anxiety, and 10 minutes can reduce pain and blood pressure, so it is also included in Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT).

2. FishKeeping can reduce high blood pressure and ensure good sleep quality

According to data from the National Oceanarium of the United Kingdom, even if it is a fish tank without fish, watching the flow of water can achieve a blood pressure-lowering effect of 3%, and it is 7% in the case of fish.

By watching the fluctuations of the water, you can relax The muscles are tight and the heart rate is adjusted.

In addition, the characteristics of the aquarium can calm the mood, can help in giving good quality of sleep. You can put your aquarium in the bedroom!

It can create white noise, which can help you fall asleep late at night by covering up other sources of sound interference. Fan sound and playing water sound videos have the same effect.

3. Fishkeeping can help improve dementia and increase appetite by 25%

Fishkeeping is not only an interest, but it is also helpful for Dementia. A study by Purdue University in the United States confirmed that the food intake of dementia patients increased by 25% within 10 weeks, and the average weight also increased.

Not only that, but the destructive behaviors of patients with dementia are also significantly reduced, including physical aggression, wandering, and screaming, taking fewer and fewer drugs, and short-term memory is getting better day by day.

If there are elderly people at home, it is recommended to buy a fish tank, because it can not only resist stress and relieve worries, but also increase appetite, stabilize mood, and protect the quality of life of the family.

4. Raising fish builds children’s creativity, self-confidence and sense of responsibility

Raising fish can stimulate people’s creativity and imagination. For children, how to build a fish tank into a beautiful underwater world will be an unforgettable memory in their childhood.

At the same time, they can also build up their self-confidence and accomplishment in the process of raising fish. The responsibility and sense of accomplishment of the task.

In addition, as long as a small fish tank can teach children about the ecology of fish, such as the type of fish, the breathing of the fish, the method of cleaning the tank, etc., more importantly, the child will learn how to feed and take care of the small fish. life.

5. Fishkeeping is emotional feedback, and it can also bring a wealth

Because raising fish is more economical than raising other pets, like raising cats and dogs, it can give people emotional feedback, especially when you feel stressed, watching the fish swim in the water, it will really heal.

In the Chinese feng shui tradition, the fish tank is also the mascot of fortune, and it is generally believed that fish can take away the negative energy in the environment. Therefore, there is a congratulatory message of “you have more (fish) every year”.