10 Best Aquarium Plants You Need In Your Aquarium

10 Best Aquarium Plants You Need In Your Aquarium – Aquariums that are full of plants not only prove to be healthy for fishes but also make the aquarium look lively and vibrant. They create a clean and safe environment for the fish to live in.

This is because plants provide natural filtration in the tank water, which keeps the fish happy and healthy. Many fishes from African Cichlids Category require plants in an aquarium to hide them and feel safe and secure.

Today we will be looking at the 10 best aquarium plants that require low light and are super easy to take care of.

1. Java Moss

Java Moss is one of the most commonly found plants in freshwater aquariums. They are quite popular among people who love to keep shrimps, as these tend to be great hiding places for shrimps.

Java Moss

The plant is best added to decorations present in your aquarium tanks, for example, driftwood or rocks. The Java Moss plants do appreciate low light as these usually flourish in lower light. But be cautious, if the light is too strong the opposite impact can happen.

2. Amazon Sword

This is another great choice or freshwater aquarium. It is possible to grow Amazon Sword in different kinds of conditions.

Also, it is known as one of the easiest plants to maintain that you can keep in your aquarium. One thing that should be kept in mind before buying this plant is that these tend to grow to quite a large size.

Amazon Sword

3. Java Fern

The Java Fern, just like Java Moss, is also quite a suitable choice for freshwater aquariums. These two tend to be great hiding places for shrimps.

The Java Fernthrives in low light and grows properly if its stem is joined to rock or some other decoration in the tank.

Java Fern

4. Anubias Nana and Anubias

Anubias Nana and Anubias are a great choice if you want to keep plants in your aquarium that won’t require much care. You will usually find Anubias sold on driftwood or rocks in fish stores.

Anubias Nana and Anubias

5. Crypt wendtii

You will mostly find Crypt Wendtii sold in pots in your nearest fish stores. As compared to other plants on the list, this one requires more light. Hence, it is usually popular among more advanced aquarists.

Crypt wendtii

6. Cryptocoryne

Cryptocoryne can be found in a verity of shapes, sizes, and colors. These have been used as aquarium plants for 60 years and are still quite popular among aquarists due to their freshness and vibrant color.

7. Pygmy Chain Sword

Pygmy Chain Sword is also called a narrow leaf. The plant can survive in a variety of conditions and hence is a great choice for both experienced aquarists and beginners. Since these don’t grow very tall, these are usually kept closer to the edge of the aquarium.

Pygmy Chain Sword

8. Water Wisteria

Water wisteria is also known as a bunch plant. As long as enough oxygen is provided and the root of the plant is in gravel, you can expect it to thrive in almost every condition. Also, they are very easy to take care of.

Water Wisteria

9. Hornwort

Hornwort plant is also known as Coontail. Hornwort usually floats on the surface of the water in the aquarium and is commonly sold in pots. It can thrive in a lot of conditions and temperatures.


10. Dwarf Lilies

Last but not least, dwarf lilies are plants that grow very slowly and are pretty delicate. Although these look very good in aquariums, if you plan to keep fish that are aggressive then these might not be the best choice for you. However, if you will be keeping fish that are gentle, you can expect dwarf lilies to be a great addition to your aquarium.

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